A little bit about the group:
Join the Sustainable Wellness Experience, an elimination experiment based upon the principles of a Paleo and Whole 30 lifestyle. Interested? For less than $1/day, you can join a private group and receive the following: daily affirmations, weekly recipes, menus and shopping lists, support from a certified holistic health coach, cooking tips, and a safe space to detox, eliminate and eat healthy, clean foods. 30 days + additional re-introduction support.

A FRIENDLY INCENTIVE: For every two (paid) friends that you invite, you will receive a 60 minute wellness coaching session! Please email me the names of your invitees so they are properly tracked. More than ten paid invitees? You’ll win access to one of my signature wellness programs.


Please join our private Facebook group for paid members, where we will meet on a daily basis, by clicking here: Facebook – Sustainable Wellness Experience


Click here to join: http://paypal.me/andersonchristine/30


Dates to note:

Wednesday, January 31: Welcome, handouts, mindset, group etiquette

Friday, February 2: Email #1 will be sent; Weekly menu with shopping list, cooking tips and buik prep ideas. This information will also be posted in the Facebook group in the “Files” section.

Saturday, February 3: If you haven’t already organized and shopped, today is the day to shop and prep.

Sunday, February 4: Day #1 of the Whole 30 based Sustainable Wellness Experience.

Monday, March 5: Final day

Tuesday, March 6 through Monday, March 19: Re-introduction days

The Facebook group will contain daily affirmations, tips, suggestions and support.

You will have access to me via the Facebook group and email. Reach me here: christine@christineanderson.com

A gratitude donation of $30 is much appreciated.