Welcome to Infertile Grace: Learning to Live Child-free. I am so glad that you are here.

I know that searching for this page might have felt challenging for you. It wasn’t long ago that I was wearing your shoes myself. I’m proud of you for being here, and invite you to read a bit about my journey & this beautiful Community.

I’m Christine, and I’ve struggled with infertility for over 15 years. Making a decision to reclaim my body and my life was bittersweet, as I had dreamed of becoming a mother for as long as I can recall. I am the youngest of eight children, with three sisters who have multiple kids, so I had the ‘Mom genes’ from an early age. When my husband and I decided that it was time to write the rest of our story, without children, I began to search for support so I could learn how to step into the next chapters with grace and appreciation for all I (and my relationships) have endured.

My search resulted in many programs and coaches for everything BUT life After Infertility. I was determined and focused in my search…seeking support as I dipped my toes into the waters of “what’s next”. I didn’t find what I so desperately needed: a gentle balance of acceptance, peace and joy, along with the tools to step into empowerment and reclaim my life AND my body.

I wanted to know that I wasn’t alone on my journey and that I was completely normal in wanting to find a healthy way to start living again.

I wanted a fresh, clean slate, with a positive mindset, and the ability to accept life as it has evolved…being childless.

I also wanted to learn how to establish boundaries with those well-meaning family members and friends, whose words stung like a hive of bees with every suggestion of adoption, surrogacy and “God’s will”.

My goal was to not only accept myself as a non-Mom, but to also learn how to embrace my body and journey and turn my experiences into empowerment.

Because I couldn’t find a coach or program that fit these very needs, I improvised and brought together several coaches to help me with each piece. With their collaborative help, I created a very personalized program for myself and gently navigated to where I am today. I have incorporated what I have learned in my training as a holistic health coach with my own real life infertility journey to create a peaceful experience with YOU in mind.

Learning to live child-free after infertility can be a beautiful balance of these very things when you purposely embrace & receive support with:

• Clearing the body of excess medications, hormones and toxicity
• Letting go of the “infertility victim” mindset
• Managing stress + relationships
• Learning effective communication + how to have empowered conversations
• Healing the mind + soul
• Rekindling the romance
• Learning how to peacefully navigate the waters of life’s next chapters
• Writing your new story
• Being in Community with other women on the same journey

How do I know that this process works?

Because I am YOU.

I’ve kicked off those heavy shoes and walked straight into the waves of transition…scared, yet thankful.

I’ve held peace + grace close to my heart…and my soul is stronger for it.

I’ve written a few new chapters…and not only have I survived infertility, I am now thankful for the journey and I have confidence in what the future holds.

Are you struggling with the “What’s Next?” of it all?

Are you ready to start “living” again?

I’m here for you, and I have an amazing Community of women that are just like you…here and ready to embrace you, welcome you and love on you. Whether it is one-to-one coaching or joining a small group, I will guide you through embracing your new story with acceptance, peace, joy and … Grace.

Won’t you join us?

Please email: christine@christineanderson.com for more information or click the button below to schedule a complimentary session.