Welcome! I’m Christine. WEbsite photo 1

I’m a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, but you might also think of me as a clean eating & living expert, a creative home chef, an enthusiastic foodie, a toxic relationship healer, and maybe even as your long lost sister.

I love to see my clients spread their wings and fly.

I offer support and guidance to those who are longing for, and confused about, a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps you’d like to know more about organic cooking and clean eating, or maybe you’re pondering a detox that goes beyond what you eat, which could include rooting out the toxicity within the mind, body and soul. Most often, you probably find yourself buried in the busyness of your everyday routine, stuck deep in the dirt of fear, and confused about where to begin. I’ve been there, too! And because I am a known Clean Eating Expert and Holistic Wellness coach, I will easily guide you through the process of effecting change and embracing simple, holistic values with a focus on everyday, sustainable wellness.

I know from my own clean living journey and working with others just like you that welcoming changes, both big and small, can feel uncomfortable and a little scary at times. You’re not alone at this stage in your life! I know exactly what it feels like to be uncomfortable in my own skin..I was for a long time. And, I know all too well the struggle with weight gain, hormones out of balance and food allergies galore. I would love to walk along this path with you, barefoot in the grass, and guide you to a place of acceptance, wellness and overall peace.

I believe that clean living is about more than just food and non-toxic household cleaners. And, I believe that, with commitment and courage, you can change the world by embracing a holistic approach to all areas of your life. My greatest wish right now is that you will join this community of amazing souls so we can spread our wings (and our messages!) and soar to endless new heights together. Let’s joyfully learn, create and celebrate together on this journey!